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Criss Angel Attacked by a 200-Pound Dominatrix

'Mindfreak' magician Criss Angel's 30th birthday turned into mayhem when his A&E TV show crew dumped him blindfolded into a play pool and had a 200-pound, heavily-tattooed belly dancer wrestle him as gallons of chocolate were poured on them!! One hundred guests watched in shock, and good humor!

The celebrity roast in a Luxor ballroom began with traditional zings and barbs from emcee Amazing Johnathan and dais guests, Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil and yours truly, plus video greetings from Lance Burton. I tortured him unmercifully about his alleged Paris Hilton romance and his late-night carousing with large numbers of young blonde bombshells! Criss was presented with a new Gibson guitar by Vince and a set of Houdini original handcuffs, key and framed magic souvenirs by his family. Five Elvis Presley look-alikes sang him the "Happy Birthday" chorus.

But then the fun turned wild when his brothers and the TV crew said they wanted to turn the tables on him with a unique challenge. Criss, who was taken completely by surprise, took off his bling necklaces and giant diamond-crusted watch and was then blindfolded. He had to pick the five of hearts card from a pack held by a glam-gal assistant and then find it "hidden somewhere strategically on her body." What Criss did not know was that the sexy femme fatale was replaced by a 6-foot-plus, tattooed, hefty dominatrix, and she wrestled him into a rubber backyard wading pool where she spanked him with her paddle.

It got even wilder when gallons of chocolate were poured on the twosome and a "tiny person" jumped in on the top of them. Criss managed to find the exact card, but he lost his pants in the melee and his shirt was ripped off his body! TV cameras recorded the entire messy fight for a future series broadcast.

Said Criss: "I've never had a birthday like this one. I'm not going to forget this for the rest of my life." Vince added: "I thought rock and rollers were the wild guys of entertainment but Criss pulled off the ultimate stunt."

Today, Criss will dice with death when he's shackled to a car and locked there facing the path of a dangerous car speeding at over 50 mph towards him. The suicidal stunt will take place in the empty parking lot opposite the Luxor resort on the famed Vegas Strip. I'm assured there will be a pyrotechnics explosion at the split second of impact collision, but we'll all be left to wonder if he escapes or disappears in time!!!


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